Drummond's Cleaning Service

Quality Carpet Cleaning Service in San Marcos, Ca

Quality Carpet Cleaning Service in San Marcos, Ca

Quality Carpet Cleaning Service in San Marcos, CaQuality Carpet Cleaning Service in San Marcos, Ca

What To Expect On Cleaning Day

Once a cleaning date has been scheduled and that day arrives, we ask that:

• Your vehicles are moved from the garage or driveway before our arrival time, since this is where we normally set up our equipment to do the cleaning.


• All knick-knacks such as pictures, figurines, toys, lamps and other small items should be removed from the cleaning area and off the furniture being moved so as to protect your breakables during the cleaning.


• We move most pieces of furniture, but larger items such as beds, dressers, hutches, pianos, armoires, and entertainment centers, we do not move. But, the areas where these large items sit are deducted from the total square footage.

• For safety purposes, it is best to have your children and pets away from the equipment and cleaning area while the work is being performed.

• To protect your walls and other flooring, we always put corner protectors down so our hoses do not rub up against the wall. We lay out heavy moving blankets on any of your tile or wood flooring that are in the work area to protect them while we are cleaning.

• Once the cleaning is all done, to help speed up the drying of the carpet, windows can be opened (weather permitting) to allow air movement and ventilation. Ceiling fans, portable fans and even the blower fan in the central air unit of your home can be turned on to expedite this process. If it’s really hot outside, the air conditioning can be turned on. Air conditioning actually acts like a dehumidifier to remove moisture from the air. If it’s cold outside, the heater can be turned on, as long as the windows are cracked open a bit to allow the moist air to vent out.


• A question that gets asked frequently is -“Is it O.K. to walk on the carpet while it is damp?” The answer is “Yes”, but carpet is at its weakest state while damp so the longer you can stay off of it the better. We do supply everyone in the household with a pair of shoe covers that easily fit over your shoes or socks so when you need to walk on the carpet – you can!